5 Reasons I choose SiteGround for Hosting

*Please Note: I am a Siteground Affiliates. However, I only chose to become affiliates with Siteground after deciding on it as the best solution for web hosting. The link below is my affiliate link, clicking on it will lead you to my Siteground affiliate page.

1. Free Domain Name

If you are a new SiteGround user, you can get a free domain name when you first sign up with them. When I first started with SiteGround I took advantage of this. 

Now that I have used SiteGround for many years, I prefer to have my domain names registered separately from my hosting company with Namecheap

2. Affordable

They have so many amazing features, you’d think they’ll be much more expensive. When you sign up with SiteGround as a first time user, you get a great deal! As cheap as $3.95 per month to start off with their Start-Up plan, when purchased the annual plan.

3. Built-in WordPress Caching

I was shocked to find out about this. Not many hosting companies with comparable prices have this feature. This makes SiteGround faster than most other hosting companies out there.

4. Free SSL

This is a very important feature for me. All hosting companies should have free SSL. It ’s a must-have for any website. If I see a website isn’t secure I leave the website. Most hosting companies will make you pay extra for SSL.

5. Site Load Time

CDN, short for Content Delivery Network, is a technology that helps your site deliver content faster. What does this mean to you, it makes your site load faster. Your site will be more secure by analyzing legitimate traffic from malicious ones and then automatically blocking malicious and unwanted traffic.

I have also found the backend to be easy to navigate and offer a great user experience.

For me, SiteGround wins my vote.  If you are looking for new hosting or just starting out, definitely check out SiteGround.

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