5 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Converting

So what do you do when the traffic numbers are steadily increasing, but your conversions are not?

To calculate your site’s conversion rate, divide your number of inquiries or leads by the number of unique visitors.

An average website typically converts at about 2% to 5%.

Visual branding is the top criteria for deciding if a company is credible or not. So it’s extremely important that your design looks professional.

There is more to it than just branding. If your website is unattractive, people will go to your competitors’ site, 38% of people, to be exact. That’s a lot of potential leads!

Here are 5 design tips that will give you an boost in conversions

Time Plays a Role

We are all impatient. Everyone is impatient when it comes to the internet. We have too many things to do and don’t want to sit around waiting for a page to load.

So when it comes to page loading speed, every second counts. To check your page speed and troubleshoot any issues, run your site through this free tool: Pingdom

Clean Design

Negative space is essential in web design because without it, your website would be unreadable. Your customers and clients can pay closer attention to who you have to offer rather than feeling overwhelmed. You want your customers and clients to pay attention to your offer. 

Making sure you have negative space on your site keeps everything legible and easy on the eyes.

Color Matters

It’s about the way humans see color. Color expresses messages, spark interest, and generate certain emotions. Bright colors tend to set a happy and positive mood, whereas dark colors tend to project the opposite. Within the psychology of colors, warm colors show excitement, optimism, and creativity; cool colors symbolize harmony, calmness.

Choosing colors for a website is not about just choosing colors that you like- the colors should strengthen the website and branding of the business. 

You only have seconds

You have 59 seconds to make a lasting impression!

When your visual brand is so strong that your audience can look briefly at the visual detail and know exactly what they’re looking at, even without any context, you won the competition.

So, if you don’t capture a user’s attention in less than a minute,

you’ve lost them.

You only have a very tiny window of opportunity to engage a user when they first land on your site, so make those seconds count!

Here are some tips for grabbing attention in just seconds:

  • Use a large, headline that says who you are and what you offer
  • Use eye-catching images that conveys purpose of your page 
  • Words matter!  Make your copy more enticing and engaging.

Source High-Quality Images

I can’t stress this enough. If there’s one thing that can have your potential clients clicking over to your competitors site is the quality of a blog post or piece of content, it’s low quality images.

Your website’s gallery is a customer’s first impression of your service capabilities. A picture from your iPhone is convenient, it won’t capture the full professional message. You want your potential client to have positive associations with the content and that look professional. People like brands that they feel are similar to themselves.

Many of these problems are quickly and easily fixed with just  little work. 

To calculate your site’s conversion rate, divide your number of inquiries or leads by the number of unique visitors.

An average website typically converts at about 2% to 5%.

Download my conversation calculator to calculate how your website is converting.

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