Why You Shouldn’t Use Linktree

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t use Linktree for Instagram.  It is definitely a wonderful concept,  Having the ability to direct your followers to your top content easily and efficiently in one click is a great idea! What if Linktree goes down? You are still paying for a third-party service.  

Don’t use it! There is a better way.   Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t be using Linktree, and how to create your own version of Linktree in WordPress. Yep, that’s right! You can direct your potential clients right to your website without Linktree.


The general concept (and all social media) is to get people to your website. If you’re using Linktree, you’re just adding an extra step. It’s possible that a potential client will click on your Linktree and click away, never seeing your site.  You are assuming that linktree will all work smoothly.  There is no need for this extra step. Why not just have people will be landing directly on your site. Yep, that is possible! 

 LinkTree is getting the visitor stats and counts that you should be getting. There is no advantage to using LinkTree over your own website. Linking to your website directly will insure that you stay on brand. You can control how your website looks, you get the visitor counts, and they are more likely to stay on your website and find out more about what you offer.


It’s simple.

  1. Add a blank page on your own website! (Don’t add it to your menu)
  1. Name new page Learn More or something like that. (Whatever you write will show on Instagram)
  1. Add your photo at the top.  An easy way to make it look similar to Linktree is to use a Canva.com  
  1. Add a button for each opt-in you want to add.  Then link the opt-in to the button. (change the buttons to your brand colors to match your website)
  1. Set to view on mobile only. (Make sure you view it on mobile-first to make sure it fits correctly) 
  1. Copy the new page you created to your Instagram profile. Same as your website.

You now have a new branded link to Instagram. I hope this helps! Now cancel  LinkTree and get those visitors in your stats.

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